WolfPad TV Control Systems

These WolfPad TV Control Systems for our WolfPack HDMI Matrix TV Switchers can be used in Sports Bars as well as Restaurants, Casinos, Bowling Alleys & many other installations requiring HDMI matrix switching using your iPad.

We designed these WolfPad TV Control Systems for an iPad to be used by:

  • Sports Bar Owners w/o a Technical Knowledge
  • Waitresses w/o a Technical Knowledge
  • Hostesses w/o a Technical Knowledge
  • Bartenders w/o a Technical Knowledge
  • DJs w/o technical a Knowledge
  • ...and other similar employees

The WolfPad TV sports bar owner will never be called at home and asked how you control the matrix when you buy one of our WolfPack Sports Bar Modular HDMI Matrix Switchers and this WolfPad table control system. Also, the morale of the employees should improve as it is so easy to operate the system.


The WolfPad TV Control Systems are designed to connect dozens of TVs and have options for:

  1. Control via iPad & other tablets
  2. Change DirecTV channels
  3. Change DISH channels
  4. Change Cable Box channels
  5. Supports up to 36 of TVs
  6. Supports up to 16-sources
  7. See your floorplan
  8. Uses only one iPad page
  9. Learn to operate in 2-min
  10. PCs, DVDs, etc
  11. AppleTV, Roku & Fire Sticks
  1. Karaoke & Video DJ's
  2. Shows what source is tuned to
  3. In stock
  4. Custom design your buttons
  5. WolfPack Matrix Exclusive
  6. Tablet Not Supplied
  7. See a TV Guide on iPad
  8. No Monthly or Yearly Fees
  9. Unique Pre-owned Design
  10. Field Upgradeable
  11. 30-Day Returns

Listed below are our WolfPad iPad Control Systems for your review, please take a look right now.


Why not buy a WolfPad TV Control System for your WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switch today?

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